Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the course for?

We welcome experienced orchestral players of at least grade 8 standard. Good sight-reading is a must! Please note that wind and brass must be experienced orchestral players with excellent sight-reading. This is to ensure that the overall standard of the orchestra is high enough for everyone to enjoy.

How can I get hold of a brochure for the Easter course?

The brochure for the Easter 2019 course is not yet available, but will contain an application form.

The brochure for the Brass Weekend Course in October 2018 is available, and contains an application form.

Where is the college?

Please see the location page.

Is there parking on campus?


Are towels provided?

No, you will need to bring your own.

What about transport from Shrewsbury Station (the nearest main line station)?

There will be a minibus arranged to bring players from Shrewsbury rail station. Please book in advance, and include your payment with final balance.

What local facilities are there?

There is a bar on campus and also a number of local pubs, cafés, tea-rooms and supermarkets within walking distance. Ellesmere also has plenty of shops.

What sports facilities are there on campus?

There is a swimming pool, usually available for an hour each day. There is also a gym (for which you will need to attend an induction session). There are also tennis courts. There is a small amount of cycle parking on campus.

What about sharing a room?

Make certain that you apply together.

How do I get involved in chamber music?

There will be a noticeboard where you can indicate if you're interested in taking part. Please bring your own music. It is not always even necessary to sign up: certain individuals are notorious for ensnaring the unwary in their chamber music plans - you have been warned!

Are music stands provided?

No, everyone should bring their own. You may wish to bring more than one to make it logistically easier, e.g. for chamber music sessions. Lower strings, remember to bring spike protectors!

Is smoking permitted?

No, smoking is not permitted anywhere in the college buildings.

What if I have a question not answered here?

If you have any other queries, please contact the secretary, at

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